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Effective solutions, scalable business models

We invest in companies that generate both positive societal impact and attractive financial returns.

Our investees have proven, scalable business models that address the basic needs of low to lower-middle income consumers in developing and emerging countries. By providing access to products, services and opportunities in one of our focus sectors, our portfolio companies share our mission of empowering underserved people and contributing to prosperous ecosystems and communities.

Companies ready to scale

We strive to realize the full potential of our portfolio companies. Especially during critical early expansion stages it takes the right investment at the right time to reach the next level. Capital is an important component, but often not enough to build strong, sustainable companies. LGT Impact provides “intelligent capital” by combining growth capital with access to experienced professionals, networks, management know-how, and strategic guidance for the entire duration of our investment.

“Social enterprises will not find a better partner than LGT Impact to accelerate their development. LGT Impact accompanies them in their growth from early stages until they reach significant scale – as they have done with M-KOPA Solar.”

Chad Larson, co-founder M-KOPA Solar

Selection process

We are transparent and efficient in our investment process. Based on proven principles from the private equity and management consulting industries, we conduct a rigorous due diligence process prior to our investment decisions.


Main criteria for our portfolio companies are:

  • Alignment with LGT Impact’s missionvalues, regional and focus sectors
  • An effective, scalable solution to a social and/or environmental problem with demonstrable social impact
  • A proven business model that can be scaled or replicated
  • A dedicated and professional management team with an excellent track record
  • Strong financial discipline
  • Effective methods to evaluate both financial and social performance
  • Willingness to undergo detailed due diligence and to report on the progress of their activities on a regular basis

LGT Impact does not consider:

  • Neither companies in seed growth stages nor mature companies
  • Companies with controversial business activities (e.g. ammunition, tobacco, gambling etc.)
  • Businesses that engage in lobbying, political or religious activities
  • Not-for-profit organizations
  • Organizations focused on deficit reduction, emergency or disaster relief, or humanitarian issues
  • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, age, disability or sexual orientation
  • Land acquisition or the construction or major renovation of facilities
  • Academic initiatives
  • Individuals, events or conferences