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LGT Impact’s investment sectors

We focus on investments in the sectors financial inclusion, education, energy, health, and environmental technologies.

More information US President Barack Obama (L) talks with June Muli, head of Customer Care at M-Kopa, about solar power during the Power Africa Innovation Fair, an initiative to increase the number of people with access to power in sub-Saharan Africa, on July 25, 2015 on the sidelines of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit at the United Nations Compound in Nairobi.

Billions of people lack access to affordable, high-quality basic goods and services and livelihood opportunities. This represents an underserved demand of a multi-trillion US-Dollar market. We view this as an extraordinary opportunity for market-based solutions in sectors that are building blocks for empowering underserved people and their communities.

Number of people reached per sector in 2015

The tabs below showcase our key sectors with selected examples from our portfolio.

  • Financial inclusion
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Health
  • Environmental services

Financial Inclusion: AYE Finance

AYE Finance provides loans to MSMEs to help grow their business and generate more jobs for low-skilled workers in India.


Education: Varthana

Varthana fills the current gap of financing affordable private schools by providing loans to help school owners enhance their schools’ infrastructure and improve education quality in India.

Energy: M-KOPA Solar

Kenya based M-KOPA Solar has developed a proprietary, patented technology platform that combines embedded GSM + mobile payments to revolutionize asset financing in emerging markets. M-KOPA Solar targets low-income consumers, enabling them to purchase productive assets based on M-KOPA Solar’s affordable and convenient pay-per-use system that matches their income and expenditure patterns. In 2015, over 800’000 household members got access to affordable, fume-free, uninterrupted electricity through M-KOPA home solar systems.

With our investment in M-KOPA Solar, LGT Impact is part of US President Obama's Power Africa initiative "Beyond the Grid", joining 27 investors and practitioners committing to invest over USD 1 billion into off-grid and small scale solutions for this underserved market. This will create access to 20 million new connections for households and commercial entities and provide electricity to millions of households in sub-Saharan Africa.

Health: dr.consulta and MyDentist

dr.consulta provides high quality, low-cost specialty healthcare and diagnostic services to Brazil’s low to lower-middle income population via a network of clinics offering 30 specialty care services, diagnostics and laboratory services. 80 per cent of the patients are women and children.

Sabka dentist provides high-quality and affordable dentistry services to India’s urban mass market via a network of clinics that offer free consultations and a wide range of curative dental treatments.

Environmental services: General Water

General Water operates as a full scope solution provider of on-site ground water extraction & wastewater treatment systems in Brazil.