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Impact partnerships

Impact indicators inform our investment analysis and decisions at every step of the multi-year partnership with our investees. Our investment analysis, decisions, and actions are driven by the goal to scale reach and depth of positive impact. We use proprietary tools and frameworks to evaluate and measure the social and environmental impact of prospective and current investments.

  • Impact scope   
  • Impact management
  • Impact partnerships 

Impact scope

Billions of people lack access to essential goods, services and livelihood opportunities. LGT Impact aims to overcome this lack of access and opportunities by investing in companies that provide underserved people with high-quality, affordable goods and services as well as livelihood opportunities targeted at their needs and significantly improving their quality of life. 


Impact of our portfolio companies in 2016

Financial inclusion

  • 15’264 micro, small and medium enterprises were given access to affordable loans


  • 1'646'747 students benefitted from access to private schools to receive quality education


  • 811'000 new household members have access to affordable, fume-free, reliable electricity. By replacing traditional energy sources such as kerosene, households are able to significantly reduce their energy expenditure.


  • 222'816 people were given better access to affordable quality healthcare services
  • 149'645 people received quality dental care

"We want to be as efficient and transparent as possible in our impact investing efforts. With this objective in mind we have applied many proven principles and processes from the private equity and consulting industry to our approach."


H.S.H. Prince Max von und zu Liechtenstein, CEO LGT

Impact management

We work closely with our investees and sector experts to continuously collect and analyze impact data informing the theory of change.

Impact management frameworks

Our local investment teams identify and manage our portfolio companies, and use a standardized impact management framework to guide them through the full life-cycle of an investment.

Framework objectives

  • Support deal teams to assess and manage the impact of pipeline and portfolio companies
  • Provide transparency and insights to learn and improve the effectiveness of solutions
  • Evaluate impact to increase our confidence that we are fulfilling our mission
  • Demonstrate accountability and report to our stakeholders

The core of the framework was built on the basis of two highly recognized concepts:

Impact at every step of the investment process

Impact analysis, measurement, and reporting is built into every step of our investment process with the following main stages:

  1. Due diligence: assess the companies’ potential for positive impact creation
  2. Deal execution: agree on positive impact objectives and means of verification
  3. Portfolio management: measure, validate and improve the impact of our portfolio companies
  4. Exit: preserve the positive impact creation of a company through exit options considering existing or new, but impact-minded investors

For more details related to our impact management, see here

Impact partnerships

We work and succeed as partners, striving for a shared vision and mutual goals. Apart from our portfolio companies and LGT, we encourage and engage strong partnerships for:

Enhancement of impact management capabilities

To enhance the impact management capabilities of our team and portfolio organizations, we collaborate with partners such as the Grameen Foundation and J-PAL in order to gain insights into the drivers for positive impact creation. In addition, we collaborate with leading organizations in the sector to build impact management capacity within LGT Venture Philanthropy as well as our portfolio organizations. 

Sector building initiatives

With our investment in M-KOPA Solar, LGT Impact is part of former US President Obama's Power Africa initiative "Beyond the Grid", joining 27 investors and practitioners committing to invest over USD 1 billion into off-grid and small scale solutions for this underserved market, creating access to 20 million new connections for households and commercial entities, and providing electricity to millions of households in sub-Saharan Africa.

Impact Stories

“M-KOPA Solar’s home system is like a miracle.”

Nathaniel lives with his family in a rural region in Kenya with no access to the national grid and only a few US-dollars to spend on basic needs every day.
Nathaniel’s family used to spend a big share of their available budget on kerosene. The light provided by kerosene lamps is of poor quality and health risks are associated with the fumes.

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“I always tell her she can be whatever she wants to be.”

Edith Douglas High School started in the early nineties, when Mrs. Victoria Robert could not find a school for the 60 orphans who were living with her. She wanted these children to have an equal opportunity to succeed in life and knew that a good education was an essential first step.

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