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Scaling positive impact

Value creation is at the core of our investments

From deal sourcing to exit: impact is at the core of everything we do and our definition of success.

Impact Stories

“M-KOPA Solar’s home system is like a miracle.”

Nathaniel lives with his family in a rural region in Kenya with no access to the national grid and only a few US-dollars to spend on basic needs every day.
Nathaniel’s family used to spend a big share of their available budget on kerosene. The light provided by kerosene lamps is of poor quality and health risks are associated with the fumes.

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“I always tell her she can be whatever she wants to be.”

Edith Douglas High School started in the early nineties, when Mrs. Victoria Robert could not find a school for the 60 orphans who were living with her. She wanted these children to have an equal opportunity to succeed in life and knew that a good education was an essential first step.

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