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Scaling positive impact

Value creation is at the core of our investments

From deal sourcing to exit: impact is at the core of everything we do and our definition of success.

Impact Stories

“M-KOPA Solar’s home system is like a miracle.”

Nathaniel lives with his family in a rural region in Kenya with no access to the national grid and only a few US-dollars to spend on basic needs every day.
Nathaniel’s family used to spend a big share of their available budget on kerosene. The light provided by kerosene lamps is of poor quality and health risks are associated with the fumes.

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“I now feel really comfortable to work in different environments.”

David had always shown an interest in construction and had some previous work experience assisting his uncle on building sites. He had achieved a Level 1 in wall and floor tiling. Following successful completion of the K10 recruitment process, David secured an apprenticeship with us to pursue his ambition of becoming a qualified carpenter.

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“When I don't feel like I have anywhere to turn, I still have BWW.”

I discovered Big White Wall at just the right time, I'm a depressive but have found so much help, the invaluable support of the wall guides, the chance to try and use my personal "bricks" to put my thoughts and feelings into substance. I would rate the site highly every time.

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“I always tell her she can be whatever she wants to be.”

Edith Douglas High School started in the early nineties, when Mrs. Victoria Robert could not find a school for the 60 orphans who were living with her. She wanted these children to have an equal opportunity to succeed in life and knew that a good education was an essential first step.

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“My dream is to start a computer software company when I graduate.”

Starting university implied leaving my home in Merida and stepping out of my comfort zone. It posed great academic, personal, and financial challenges. My parents struggled to pay for my fees, rent, food, transport, and various other expenses in Puebla. The situation worsened to the point I considered dropping out of a few classes to take a part-time job.

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“The apprenticeship has been a great experience.”

Taahira was referred by her advisor at Poplar JCP to attend an employability course at Tower Hamlets College. The college was impressed with Taahira’s commitment and willingness to learn and on successful completion of the course suggested we consider her for a Business Administration Apprenticeship.

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“Allan continues to pay his deposit on time. His mental and physical health is improving daily.”

Allan was referred to us through the North Ayrshire Rent Deposit Scheme. Allan was living in a bedsit in Irvine and was having a lot of trouble with his residents causing a disturbance. Allan is a recovering heroin addict and struggled with his previous living environment, as there was temptation all around him.

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“I’m beyond grateful for engaging classes and a kind, smart teacher.”

Rehema is a typical Bridge pupil, but quite an extraordinary little girl.  Seven years old, Rehema lives in a small hut a 10-minute walk from the Bridge International Academy (BIA) in Kiembeni, Bamburi, Mombasa.

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