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New investment in Brazil: General Water

April 18, 2017

Providing full scope water solutions to small and mid-size corporates and municipalities.

LGT Impact is pleased to announce its latest equity investment in Brazil: General Water SA. General Water (GW) operates as a full scope solutions provider of on-site water and sanitation systems especially catered to small and mid-size corporates and municipalities in São Paulo.

In Brazil, urban population growth, pollution and rainfall reduction trends are putting pressure on water resources. In São Paulo, Brazil’s largest metropole, the population has on average access to less than 146 m3 of water per inhabitant per year, an amount barely sufficient to cover basic needs. Per the World Health Organization not only São Paulo, but also most of the major Brazilian urban areas are particularly exposed to the risk of water shortages. Increasing resources and investments are required to provide sufficient, accessible, reliable and quality water supply and to secure water demand in Brazil; sanitation concessionaries alone are not up to the challenge.

By offering on-site alternative water supply, treatment and recycling solutions, GW has the potential to generate positive impact for both the environment and society at large. LGT Impact's investment will enable GW to scale up its operations and accelerate its expansion into new segments and regions.

Read the full investment announcement here.