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About LGT Impact

LGT Impact focuses on private equity investments in developing and emerging countries

Our investments have the intention to achieve both attractive financial returns and measurable, positive societal impact.

Global impact investor

We are a global team of impact investment specialists based in the regions where we invest. Across five sectors we invest in purpose-driven companies with scalable business models that provide underserved people with access to services and products that address their basic human needs.

About LGT

LGT Impact Ventures' vision is embedded in LGT's 90-years-old tradition of creating, preserving and increasing lasting value for all of its stakeholders and the society at large. LGT is the world's largest privately owned Private Banking and Asset Management group with USD 146.3 billion assets under management as of June 30th 2016.

Fellowship Program for a meaningful career

The LGT Impact Fellowship connects our portfolio companies with experienced business professionals who are looking for a meaningful way to apply their skills and know-how.